12 pm-4 pm

1110 Cherry Rd,
Rock Hill, SC 29732

Click here to sign up as a jumper or to sponsor jumper!

How can you get involved?

Sign up to jump rope for one hour (at your own pace)!

Ask family, friends, and businesses to financially sponsor you per jump. Sponsors can pledge .01 cent to .99 cents per jump!

No sure which jumper to support?

No worries, you can click here

to donate in support of any jumper you choose from the participant drop down menu.

Not called to jump?

Contact Michele Talley to, help with registration, be a part of setup and tear down.


EVERYONE has a place!


Jump for Change is a unique opportunity for everyone to get involved in loving and supporting our community!

Financial support raised through Jump for Change will help continue the ministry of Palmetto Women's Center!

What is Jump for Change?

November 5, 2022

We are jumping rope to see a change in our community.
We are jumping rope to see a change in our hearts.
We are jumping rope to promote a change in our physical health.
We are jumping rope for the change in our pockets.